University of Louisville Teacher Licensure Partnership

Through this partnership, students can earn a bachelor’s degree from Centre College and a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) through the College of Education and Human Development (C.E.H.D.) at the University of Louisville.

Centre College graduates will apply for admission to the M.A.T. program for summer or fall. Application deadlines are March 1 for summer or June 1 for fall admission. Centre College graduates who have completed the appropriate prerequisites and who are selected for admission, will complete the M.A.T. in one year (three semesters) for a total of 30-34 graduate credit hours. Centre College graduates may choose to apply for spring admission (October 1 application deadline), but the program will require one and one-half years to complete (four semesters).


Centre graduates can pursue various certifications in the Master of Arts Teaching program

• English

• Mathematics

• Science

• Social Studies

• Biology

• Chemistry

• English

• French (grades P-12)

• Mathematics

• Physics

• Social Studies

• Spanish (grades P-12)

Course Substitutions

Centre College students may choose to enroll in Centre College courses that have been selected and approved by the University of Louisville C.E.H.D. as being equivalent to C.E.H.D. course work. The courses taken at Centre that substitute for C.E.H.D. courses will count toward licensure requirements but will not reduce the 30 credit hour minimum of graduate course work required of all graduate programs. Students who successfully complete the courses below and who are admitted to the M.A.T. program will be able to apply these courses toward Kentucky licensure requirements.

• EDU 227 – Practicum & Introduction to Education (for EDTP 602)

• EDU 228 – Educational Psychology (for ECPY 607)

• EDU 333 – Instructional Design for Literacy and Learning (for Early Elementary EDTP 501) OR

• EDU 335 – Secondary Education Planning, Evaluation, and Classroom Management (for Middle/Secondary EDTP 501)